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okay here’s why i can generalize bronies:

  • they stole a children’s show
  • a bunch of GROWN MEN stole from LITTLE GIRLS
  • this show is meant for little girls. I repeat. IT IS INTENDED FOR THE VIEWING AUDIENCE OF YOUNG GIRLS.
  • that being said, it’s not bad if a little boy wants to watch the show, but there’s like 29309202 shows marketed towards little boys SO
  • they stole a children’s show that teaches important life lessons to young girls about how being called “girly” isn’t a bad thing and anything inherently feminine or associated with being a woman isn’t bad.
  • and THEN they fucking made the show about THEM.
  • they complain when merchandise meant FOR THE AUDIENCE THE SHOW WAS CREATED FOR doesn’t suit them or “talks down” to them.
  • it’s a fucking coloring book for a five year old girl you fucking moron - it’s supposed to help kids develop learning habits
  • they took a show meant for little girls and turned it into their sexual fantasies about purple and pink colored horses
  • they complain when they’re not fucking acknowledged
  • they claim that THEY are the reason for the show
  • bronies are a bunch of MEN jacking off to horses
  • so excuse fucking me if i generalize you
  • because it’s not the minority doing this - it’s ALL of them
  • you’re allowed to enjoy anything you want, but when you completely take over and STEAL SOMETHING MEANT FOR CHILDREN then i have a fucking problem with you. if you don’t do that then this post isn’t about you. 
  • call yourself something else then, because the name “”“brony”“” is always going to be tainted and it just reeks of sexism and misogyny 


someone finally fucking said it

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